WordPress app for iPod Touch/iPhone

Well, today while looking through the app store, i found a wordpress blog app for the iPod Touch. Its very nice, easy to use, I dont think you can publish photos or videos which that feature hopefully comes out in the next update. Anyone with a wordpress blig should get this and it is free right now!


New Jailbreak for iDevices running iOS4

Week ago, a Jailbreak for iDevices running iOS4 came out. No programs or anything, you jailbreak straight from the iPod Touch/iPhone browser. How? A website called jailbreakme.com What it does is it installs Cydai right from the site to your iPod Touch/iPhone. At first, i thought it was another jailbreak that didnt work. As I, found programs that said it can jailbreak iOS4…when it really does nothing whatsoever. I really like this jailbreak as it is very easy to do. 😀

Here a pic of the site

Jailbreakme.com site

Update with videos.

Few of you guys probably noticed why, I’m not uploading alot of videos now. Well…here is the reason why. My laptop charger, failed on me and, I only had about 50% of battery life left…which my battery probably would have died trying to make or render a video. I, try to make videos on the PC I am on right now but its not “camtasia material” as this is my parents crappy computer. Well…thats why there isnt alot of videos. Ill try my best to make more. 🙂

BTW, Before i go i think you will find my parents wallpaper on this PC…amusing xD

My parents wallpaper on there PC XD


Hello :D

Well…this is my first blog site. :P. Im kinda getting used to it. lol. Ill be posting stuff about tech and stuff :D.